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Awning Malaga

Awnings in Malaga are very popular! If you are looking for a supplier of first class awnings in or around Malaga, you’re at the right place with TipTopShade! To create your own and personal awning plan is not easy, due to the variation in color, length, fabric and systems. Especially in Malaga, you can find tons of different awnings. You can say Malaga is one of the most popular places in Europe for awnings. Due to the hot summers, it is not comfortable to stay the whole afternoon under the hot Spanish sun. Besides, studies have shown the sun can be very dangerous with protection. At TipTopShade we have the Awning solutions in Malaga for both your protection against the sun and creating the ideal temperature in your garden!


Awnings of TipTopShade in Malaga

The Awnings of TipTopShade in Malaga:

  • Are classy & timeless shading
  • Regulates your home’s temperature
  • Are very easy to use

But, foremost, our sun awnings in Malaga do what they are designed for: keeping you & your loved ones safe from harmful UV rays! If you choose TipTopShade, you choose for Premium Systems & Fabrics that guarantee you a lifelong enjoyment & easy of use. Besides, we can offer you a variety of add-ons for your awning, like integrated LED lightning, audio and heating.


Different types of awnings

In Malaga, we provide different types of awnings. You can choose for exclusive awnings, in other words: the sum of luxury! They are fully electric with wind sensors. Besides, they are made of stainless steel arms. Next to our exclusive awnings in Malaga, we could help you designing your own retractable roof awning. You can create sun or shade when & where you want it and those roof awnings are great rain & wind protectors. Outdoor screens & wind blockers are also a good solution for your wind problems. They are very easy to install & remove.


Difficult dimensions? No problem!

Are you worried about the dimensions of the sun awning you want? In Malaga the sun awnings can be very different in dimensions and styles. TipTopShade continues to be passionate about designing innovative & luxury Awning plans in sunny Malaga. For almost 10 years we have had all the difficult dimensions you can imagine! Just contact us and we will get in touch, start planning together with a coffee under the sun. We promise you plenty of chill & happy moments, while enjoying your sun awning in Malaga all year long