Bioclimatic pergola of Brustor in Marbella

Bioclimatic pergolas of Brustor are very popular this season in and around Marbella! If you are looking for a pergola that is perfect for any environment, you have to look for a bioclimatic pergola. Those pergolas fit to resist various weather conditions year-round. To create a new living space in your garden, a bioclimatic pergola is one of the best options to go for!

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

A bioclimatic pergola is – as it’s called – a pergola with all the characteristics. Besides they look nice, they give you a ‘room’ feeling to an open space. You can enjoy your summers under the beauty of a pergola in your garden in Marbella. You can hang plants, lights, outdoor fan and for example have a shade cloth that can slide across. However, a standard pergola is not made for cold winters and rainy autumns. Normally they have an open roof and just made for beauty and creating a new living space. That’s where the bioclimatic pergola comes in!

Bioclimatic pergola for every weather condition

With the tilting blades, which rotate, it will let sunlight in and creating an airflow that keeps the area cool in summers. On rainy days, the bioclimatic pergola has integrated rain water drainage. This means that the area under your bioclimatic pergola stays safe from rainy days in Marbella. The rotary louvers also withstand strong winds, which can be very cold some days. You can automatic rotate the louvers in the position you want, so you can choose your own amount of wind that’s coming into your bioclimatic pergola. In this way you can enjoy your pergola in any weather conditions in Marbella and that’s why it’s called a bioclimatic pergola.

bioklimatische Pergola installed in Marbella
open pergola bioclimatic marbella

Price of bioclimatic pergola

Of course, a bioclimatic pergola in Marbella is more valuable than a regular pergola. This means you can expect a higher price for your bioclimatic pergola. But, the price also depends on the accessories and add-ons you want to add to your pergola. For example, you can combine your pergola with integrated glass or fabric side panels, screens, light, audio & heating. LED RGB strips are very popular at the moment for bioclimatic pergolas of Brustor. You can change the color of the light with your remote and create a whole new atmosphere in your garden.

Bioclimatic effect is cost-effective!

Besides a bioclimatic pergola of Brustor gives you the possibility to stay outside in every weather condition, it is also cost-effective! The rotary louvers allows you to cut your air conditioning costs in the summer, because you can rotate them of 0 ° to 135 °. You can create a perfect ‘breath of wind’ in your garden, which means don’t have to worry about buying an air conditioning. On the other hand, in winters you can make maximum use of the heat energy from the sun. A bioclimatic pergola of Brustor can open the slats up to 135 ° to let all the light enter adjoining rooms. This will cause an enhancing effect due to reflections off the rotary louvers.