Brustor pergola

Are you looking for a Brustor pergola? Brustor made it possible to enjoy the nice weather under perfect conditions. For innovative pergolas, you have to look for Brustor pergola solutions! TipTopShade is proud to be distributor of pergolas of Brustor, where you can relax at any time of the day. If you want to take a nap in the sun shade, close the blades of the pergola. If you want a little wind during your lunch, open the blades a little and enjoy your Brustor pergola under every weather conditions. In this article you can read the possibilities of a Brustor pergola, like giving it extra cachet with outdoor living options.

Brustor outdoor living

There are a lot of solutions for a Brustor outdoor living. The aluminum structure creates a comfortable outdoor space where you can enjoy from the first days of spring until the late days in autumn. The Brustor pergola has blades which can rotate 160°. In addition, you have waterproof protection. This means that – when the blades of the Brustor pergola are closed, the offer waterproof protection from the sun. The invisible built-in gutters provides perfect drainage! The key features of a Brustor outdoor living are:


  • First grade aluminum structure
  • Architectural extension of your home
  • Protection from UV radiation, wind & rain

Brustor pergola in Marbella

Are you looking for a Brustor pergola in or around Marbella? A pergola is an investment that substantially contributes to the long term value of your home & can grow with your needs. Thanks to its optimal price quality ratio, Brustor is expanding rapidly into Marbella. As distributor of Brustor pergolas in and around Marbella, we can provide customizable pergola frames that let you create a truly extra living space, even during chilly winters & rainy days! The Louvered Roofs of Brustor are both beautiful and functional. The adjustable louvers allow you to open up to the sun whenever you want, so you can create the best of both worlds! If you are looking for a custom pergola plan in Marbella, please contact us for the solution. You can find our projects and possibilities of a Brustor pergola on our website.