Custom made shade sails

custom made shade sails in Marbella

Unlike many other shade sails and shade structures that offer sun protection, to create the most effective and efficient sun protection and shade coverage you need custom made shade sails. Standard shade sails are mainly functional and do not cover all of your requirements. If you want shade on a specific time of the day, a standard shade sail won’t be the perfect solution for you. Custom made shade sails leads to a very high customer satisfaction and can bring also the architectural part of the shade sails to your area! has the knowledge, ability and experience to fabricate shade sails in almost any size or shape.




Custom made shade sails price

We can divide shade sails in ‘pre-made’ and ‘purpose made’ sails. Standard pre-made shapes of the shade sails are triangles and squares. The prices for pre-made sails will vary between €50,- and €300,-, depending on where these sails were produced.


If you are looking for a custom made shade sail, the price will start around the €80,- / m². You will find differences in fabric, webbing and seams. Very often we use cable of cord in the seams to make the sails stronger and more stable in the wind. If you want more information about the price of shade sails, you can find more information on our website.


Different fabrics for distinctive shade sail projects

If you choose a custom made shade sail, you are assured of professional attention and first class results. With the fabrics Synthesis, Soltis and Sunbrella we installed hundreds of successful shade projects. The difference between high end fabrics and the low priced fabrics is – off course – the quality. Low priced are for example less resistant to high wind speeds around the 40 km/h. Besides, the look of the shade sails and protection for the sun of high end fabrics are much better.