Ego Paris is a brand with collections designed and made in France, they invite people to live by the French ‘Art de vivre’.


Ego Paris respects the diversity of people and their freedom to express this variety. That’s why Ego Paris has a strong belief for customization and offers the possibility for people to make their own unique choices. With a broad selection of different colours (almost 400 combinations) and noble materials, you can give the Ego Paris furniture your own personal touch.


Ego Paris tandem

Key Features:

Ego Paris tandem combines wood with modern textiles


design with eye-catching shapes


Budget Indication:


Ego Paris Hive

Key Features:

hive where people come together

graphic honeycomb design

design to your own taste

Budget Indication:

Why choose Ego Paris?

  • Own customization, you can mix and match
  • Noble materials such as aluminium, teak and ceramic
  • Easy to maintain, minimal upkeep required
  • Made in France

Ego Paris Kube

Key Features:

feminine creation 

 clever design: can be transformed into a sun chair, easy chair, cushion, and coffee table.

patterns: flowers, chevrons, pixels and orient

Budget Indication:

"Acoola was very helpful and assisted us with picking the right materials and colours for our outdoor furniture. It’s a delight to sit outside and enjoy our outdoors now." 

Jula Rechter


Ego Paris Extrados

Key Features:

noble materials 

design to your own taste with different finishes

multifunctional piece of art


Budget Indication:

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