Extremis furniture is more than just furniture, it’s a view on life. Connecting people, that’s what matters.


The philosophy of Extremis furniture isn’t solely to make beautiful outdoor furniture, the common thread is the need for a functional design and the stimulation of enjoying life together. Pleasant times with people you love, the intense feeling of togetherness, that’s what Extremis furniture is all about.


The outdoor collections are timeless with respect for nature and sustainable materials.


Key Features:

design combined with sustainability

inside and outside usage

robust and excellent quality


Budget Indication:



Key Features:

materials that endure all weather conditions

easy to maintain

FSC labelled wood

Budget Indication:

Why choose Extremis outdoor furniture?

  • By choosing Extremis furniture, you’re choosing for durable materials
  • Relax in a timeless design with marvellous quality
  • Tool for togetherness
  • Designed and made in Belgium

Extremis picnic table

Key Features:

 variety of materials 

 FSC labelled hardwood

customize to your own taste

Budget Indication:

"Our family just loves the refined design of the Extremis furniture. ACOOLA has made our outdoor living space a place where we can enjoy each other’s company and have a lovely chat. Thank you!"

Manuel Suárez


Extremis chairs and benches 

Key Features:

eco-friendly wood

indoor and outdoor usage 

impeccable design 


Budget Indication:

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