Shade Sails

The color of the shade sail plays a very important role in maintaining the cooling system. Light colored shade sails reflect the rays of the sun more than dark colored ones. Sails of dark color absorb the UV rays of the sun and makes the shades hot. This means it will make the area under it cool. Conclusion: dark colored sail will keep you cooler than light colored one.

Depending on the type of fabric of the shade sail, usually there can be chosen out of a wide range of colors, varying from white, off white, sand, beige, brown, taupe, blue, grey, silver, anthracite and black.

Acoola only works with the finest European Shade Brands & Tissue Suppliers. We are the proud Official Partner of:


  • Sunsquare
  • Soliday
  • ShadeOne
  • Ferrari Soltis
  • Sattler
  • Synthesis


Aside from color, size, shape, and style, shade sails also come in different types of fabrics. Each shade sail fabric has its own benefits and drawbacks that determine the price and performance of shade sails.


Shade cloth

is a soft and light fabric used for shade sails. It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) filament that absorbs light, fluids, and wind. It offers 50% to more than 95% ultraviolet (UV) radiation protection. Most shade sails made of shade cloth also have UV stabilizers that make them resistant to UV degradation. Depending on the frequency of their use and the period of direct exposure to sunlight, shade sails made of shade cloth can last from five to 10 years. Exposure to harsh and corrosive gases and chemicals, however, can reduce their years of service.

Micro perforated PVC

is made of polyester and woven and coated with vinyl resins. It has additives like UV stabilizers, dirt resistant coatings, and fire retardant treatments. Micro perforated PVC is a more attractive alternative to shade cloth as it comes in a wide variety of bright pastel colors. It offers the same cooling properties of shade cloth. Most shade sails made of micro perforated PVC are waterproof with seams and binding sturdily welded together. They are virtually maintenance-free and can last from six to 12 years.


PVC composite membrane

is also made of polyester woven and coated with vinyl resins. High-quality PVC composite membrane is waterproof. It contains additives like UV stabilizers, dirt-resistant coatings, fire retardant treatments, and environment protection coating that enhance the performance and quality of shade sails. The exceptional strength of its high-tenacity polyester fibers give shade sails considerable tension. Shade sails made of PVC composite membrane are popularly used in sporting venues, car parks, car sale yards, car ports, awnings, walkways, and outdoor cafés and restaurants because of the all-weather, all-year-round protection they provide.

Upon request, shade sails can be manufactured in a waterproof version. Mostly we use for these waterproof shade sail PVC comosite membrane fabric. This is the most popular material for the purpose. Surrounding the polyester yarns, PVC delivers a protective weather barrier. Waterproof shade sails are an outstanding solution, however caution should be given to the substantial variation in mounting height between the shade sail corners for a natural water drainage effect. They provide not only protection for the sun, they will also keep the area beneath dry allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year round regardless of the weather conditions.

Shade sails are designed to create shade in your garden, on your patio or anywhere else you want to relax without be worry about dangerous UV rays. The shade sail can reduce over 90% of those UV rays and they stand symbolic for individuality, beauty and elegance, a unique atmosphere, spectacular shapes and colors.

For us this question is similar to: what is the price of a car? Well it depends.., do you want a brand new Jaguar, Smart or 20 year old Land Rover…? Like with cars, with shade sails the sky is the limit. Due to the fact that there are so many different types and sizes of shade sails, the price of the project and installation is hard to say. But roughly we can say that Purpose made shade sails start around the € 60,-/ m2.

Yes, but not much.  They should be cleaned annually with a garden hose.  Periodically, the shade sails should be checked for proper tension and turnbuckles may need to be tightened. If you want more information about the maintenance and cleaning of shade sails, please contact our experts!

For the cleaning of the shade sale, it is recommended to use a solution of mild detergent and water. Do not start scrubbing with force but instead use a sponge or very soft brush. After letting the solution stand for some minutes, just rinse it thoroughly off with clean water.

Properly installed (non waterproof) shade sails can stay up the whole year around except when it snows. But, a better question is if it is comfortable to stay under a shade sail during winters? The sun isn’t as dangerous as in the summer and during cold days it’s not bad to have some sun rays on your body to warm you up, isn’t it? If we look at the solutions, you can better go for a pergola during winters. Fully customizable pergola frames let you create a truly extra living space, even during chilly winters & rainy days. Please contact us for more information and solutions!

If you live in an area where you can expect snow and heavy rain during winters, yes you have! Shade sail systems are not designed to withstand the weight of heavy snowfall and rain. Besides, taking down your shade sail will also help you extend the life of your shade sails. We have proper instructions to take down you shade sail. Please contact us for more information!

The life expectancy of our shade sails are between 5 to 10 years, assuming they are properly maintained. If you take of the shade sails before winter is coming, this will extend the lifetime of your sails. But, you also have to take into account that the size of the sail and the weather conditions play part in this. At Acoola we could set up your personal shade sail plan to optimize the lifetime of your shade sails. Please contact us for more information!

The residential shade sails of Acoola can withstand 90 km p.h. winds if properly installed and tensioned. We advise to take off the sails when exceptional winds are forecasted. We also have luxury automatic shade systems of SunSquare and Soliday. They are fully automatic retractable. If the wind speed exceeds 40km/h, the shade sail automatically retracts.

This depends a lot on your requirements and the municipality in which you are planning to have your structure installed. Besides, it varies between the regions in Spain. In the Costa del Sol, usually a shade structure is considered to be an awning, so apart from the consent of the comunidad of the urbanisation you’re living in with respect to colors and sizes, normally an official building permit is not required. To avoid problems, it is advisable however to apply for a small building permit license.