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Brustor pergola Malaga
pergola malaga
Pergola in Malaga Brustor

Are you interested in garden furniture in Malaga? Do you want to chill, relax and enjoy your own backyard with an impressive selection of furniture? In Malaga, we only work with the premium brands to deliver you the exclusive high-end garden furniture that fits with your outdoor area. Acoola offers a wide range of designed chairs, lounge chairs, garden tables,… Get inspired in our shop!


Malaga is the second-most populous city of Andalusia and the sixth-largest in Spain. It lies on the Costa del Sol and Malaga’s history makes the city one of the oldest cities in the world. With beautiful landscapes and beaches is it the perfect place for well designed outdoor furniture.

Garden chairs for your garden in Magala?

With the exclusive patio chairs do you have an option to choose between chairs that come with cushions or ones that come without. Lounge chairs are very popular in the Costa de Sol, you have the chance to relax and dream the whole afternoon because you can also order pergola to protect you from the sun. Acoola is the region’s leading provider of top end garden furniture for commercial and residential uses. Enjoy the outdoor collection who is designed to give you a comfortable living lifestyle. Check out below some of our premium brands!

Premium furniture Brands

New exclusive outdoor furniture is now available because the new Belgian design brands:



As a Belgian designer and manufacturer of luxurious outdoor furniture, this company has been designing and developing outdoor chairs, sofas, tables and accessories for both the contract and residential market. There is an unparalleled passion for the outdoor experience in their designs.


Mr Blue Sky

Chilling and enjoying on top of the water of a giant pool… Creating an perfect tan on a wonderful sofa… Everything is possible with Mr Blue Sky. Marbella garden furniture is at their best with this company who is ahead of its time. The company is playing a pioneering role in the designed garden furniture. Together with the other premium brands are they trendsetter in the exclusive outdoor furniture market.


Sometimes it’s difficult to improvise or see how the outdoor furniture will fit in your garden or company. Acoola has a very interesting way of working to make it as easy as possible for you! We know your time is valuable, so we gladly make time for you. First of all we make an appointment & come listen to your needs and vision. To make it a little more practical model we a 3D design for free! We also propose an action plan, budget and timing schedule. When the moment comes you’re dreaming about your future garden and accept our offer, just sit back & relax. We take care of everything!