Garden Parasols

Garden Parasols buy online Marbella

Almost everybody loves to relax. Laying by the poolside on a sunny day can be very pleasurable. Still some shade is wanted. A good way to get some shade from the sun is by using parasols. Parasols can have different designs so they can be a beautiful aspect of your garden.


If you want a unique parasol in your garden there are a lot of options to choose from. A first choice is between an overhanging parasol or a parasol with a pole. An advantage of an overhanging parasol is that you can easily change its position with the sun and you don’t have a pole in the middle your view.


Parasols with pole

Parasols on a pole can come in more variations and unique designs. The top of these parasols can come in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are some very unique designs out there that will look like a piece of art while still providing for the perfect shade. Furthermore you can choose between a more plat top or a more pointy one. These choices are mostly esthetical.

The pole and anchor of the parasols can often be chosen in different materials, shapes and colors too. In this way you are able to have a unique and beautiful garden parasol that fits to your taste. 


Special parasols

A very unique kind of parasols are those shaped in the form of other objects. For example there are garden umbrellas that are shaped as a tulip. These parasols start from the ground, go up and spread out. If it rains the water is able to run down on the ground so it doesn’t stays in the middle. Another example of these kind of parasols is one that has a very light material hanging down from the top. When the wind passes they move with it.