OFYR a brand new way of outdoor cooking, boasting a unique design and incredible versatility


The OFYR is a full cooking system designed to bring delicious food, warmth and entertainment to your garden or terrace.


The cone shaped fire bowl has a flat, wide rim which works as a cooking surface. Heat radiates from the wood fire in the centre and quickly heats up the hotplate, enabling you to cook at different temperatures on a single surface.


A grill can be placed on top of the cone to allow for the cooking of any kind of recipe.


The base and cone are made of corten steel, creating a rustic eye catching art piece to be used for years to come.

OFYR Classic Black

Key Features:

smart & sophisticated

matt black heatresistant coated Corten steel 

 available in 85 or 100 cm ∅


Budget Indication:



OFYR Wood Storage          

OFYR Cover

OFYR Grill                            

OFYR Spatula

OFYR Oil Can                      

OFYR Leather Apron

OFYR Cedar Wood Planks

OFYR Wood Bag

OFYR Classic

Key Features:

the purest expression of OFYR 

unique design in corten steel

versatile cooking possibilities


Budget Indication:

Why cook on an OFYR?


  • New and exciting cooking method
  • Create an entire meal for your guests without needing to leave the garden
  • Versatile cooking: cook meat, vegetables, carbohydrates in a number of ways
  • Eye catching art piece
  • Weather resistant and minimal upkeep required

OFYR Island

Key Features:

 all-in-one unit combining unbeatable style and functionality in a compact design 

solid wood chopping board and a handy accessories tray durable corten steel wood storage

 water proof tissue optional


Budget Indication:()

"The OFYR is a wonderful cooking concept and we´ve loved enjoying it with friends! Our garden just became a cozy outdoor restaurant. Together we have been making all kinds of meals, from vegetables to meat it can all be cooked on the OFYR. Plus ACOOLA delivered it to our door, which took out the headache of transportation logistics.

Thanks ACOOLA!"

Erica Smith

Nueva Andalucia

OFYR Classic Storage

Key Features:

all the style and simplicity of OFYR 

with added convenience of built-in wood storage. 

 looks fantastic alone or combined with the Butcher Block


Budget Indication:

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