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Are you looking for outdoor furniture in Marbella? Turn your backyard in Marbella into an outdoor living room with our impressive selection of outdoor furniture. In Marbella, we only work with the premium brands to deliver you the exclusive high-en furniture that fits with your outdoor area. Get inspired by our wide range of outdoor furniture:

Patio chairs:

Lounge chairs are an awesome option to add to your outdoor furniture in Marbella, Spain. You can choose between chairs that come with cushions or ones that come without.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs:

These are the luxury edition of outdoor chairs and very popular in Marbella. They can go by the side of your pool for example. You can also place a couple of them on your outdoor area in addition to dining chairs so that your guests have lounging options when they come over and sit outside.

Garden tables:

When the temperature rise in Marbella, taking your dinner outside to your outdoor area is an ideal way to enjoy the sun in Marbella. You can choose between small bistro sets to garden tables large enough to fit a small army.

Lounge furniture:

Entertain your guests in Marbella in style with our wide collection of lounge furniture. Whether your taste falls more within the modern and contemporary styles or more in the traditional way, the outdoor furniture of our Belgian brands are bound to impress!

Luxury Outdoor furniture from our premium brands

ACOOLA only works with premium brands to deliver your outdoor furniture. Our Belgian design brands are Extremis, Manutti and Mr Blue Sky. They have a wide range of outdoor furniture that will fits with your style, requests and wishes! Attention to detail and a sense of geometric perfection characterize the work of our premium Belgian brands.

Create an extra living space with our patio furniture in Marbella

In Marbella, the weather can be very different over periods of the year. That’s why you have to take into account that you can’t always enjoy your outdoor furniture during the year. The solution is to create an extra living space in your outdoor area by choosing for a pergola in Marbella. Under the tilting blades of our bioclimatic pergolas, you can set your luxury outdoor furniture to create a whole new patio outdoor area. Those tilting blades will let sunlight in and creating an airflow that keeps the area cool in summers, so you can fully enjoy your outdoor furniture!