Outdoor shades

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On sunny days, it can be a relief to get out of the sun and find a cozy spot to cool down. When it comes to shade, there are lots of solutions, but not all of them are long-lasting or pretty. Tiptopshade.com offers you magnificent custom-made shade solutions to get out of the sun when you want to. There are several kinds of outdoor shades, so there’s no doubt there will be a perfect solution for you.


Shade sails

The popularity of shade sails is on the rise, because it’s a new and modern way of keeping the sun away from your terrace or your favorite lounge area in the garden. It is not just a sail, its ergonomic shape and spacious feel give an extra dimension to your garden. Mostly, you will find shade sails in light shades, like white or off-white, but other colors can give a whole different atmosphere. You can choose whatever you want! At Tiptopshades.com you can find custom-made retractable shade sails, just so you can enjoy the sun on your terrace whenever you want to.



Awnings are a more traditional kind of sunshades. For years you have seen them at innumerous terraces, parks, boutiques and shops. There are so many types of awnings that they literally can match any place. It’s classy, timeless and retractable. They disappear almost completely when you want them out of the way.



Parasols have always been, and probably always will be one of the most convenient shade solutions in restaurants, bars and terraces. But one parasol is not the other, and tiptopshades.com has a beautiful range of design parasols that give your garden a new feel. Parasols stay very popular because they’re perfectly displaceable.


Outdoor blinds

To keep the sun out of the house, exterior or outdoor blinds can be a good option. The advantage in comparison to interior blinds is that they’re not attached to your windows. That means you can open the window for some fresh air, while the heat stays out.



For a pretty, romantic shade solution you can build a pergola on your terrace. A pergola can really make an area in your garden to stand out and create the feeling of an extra outdoor living room. Ideal for cozy summer evenings or garden parties and gorgeous to look at. You can even enjoy tiptop shades pergolas on rainy and chilly days. There is one for everyone!

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