Overhanging parasol

Overhanging Parasols in Marbella

Shade is something that is always welcome when we are relaxing. A way to easily get that shade in the garden is by the use of garden parasols. These can come in a lot of different materials, shapes, sizes and colors. A difference that can be made is between an overhanging parasol and a typical parasol.


Overhanging parasols don’t have a pole in the middle like a typical one. Instead the pole is played on the side and the parasol is placed over the ground with an arm. This way your view isn´t interrupted by a pole.


Advantages of an overhanging parasol

Another advantage of these garden parasols is that a lot of them are able to rotate 360°. That way it is very easy to change the position of the umbrella. When the sun moves during the day, you can just change the position so you still can enjoy the shade. The angle of the umbrella can also be modified. This way you can change it to get the most shade if the sun gets lower. Most of the time this isn´t an option with the typical parasols.


If the sun goes down and you still want to relax in your garden, the parasol is closed and put to the side with ease. When closed the parasol doesn´t stand in the middle but on the side. When having company you can talk to each other without having something standing between you.


Overhanging garden parasols have a lot of advantages. There are very different types, shapes and colors so you can choose a parasol that is completely to your liking.