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Pergola in Malaga Brustor

Pergolas are the newest trend in Malaga. You can call it the outdoor architectural trend of the year! To create a new living space in your backyard, pergolas are the perfect solution for your place in Malaga. With our fully customizable pergola frames in Malaga from premium first class brands, you can create your own dream Pergola with systems of Brustor. If you want ‘the best of both worlds’, adjustable louvers (also called roof panels) allow you to open up to the sun and gives you flexible shadow.. wherever and whenever you want!


Pergolas are both stylish and functional. Our customizable pergola frames can extend from a door to an open garden feature such as an isolated terrace or pool. Besides, pergolas adds height and privacy to any garden and is excellent support for a little fresh air during hot summer days.

Open pergolas of first grade aluminium structure

Our open pergolas are made of first grade aluminum structure. You can say the aluminum pergolas in Malaga are architectural extensions of your home and they give maximally protection from UV radiation, wind & rain. Brustor, our first class partner in Pergolas in Malaga, has different customizable pergola frames to fill in your needs!

Variety of solutions for your pergola needs in Malaga

TipTopShade has a variety of solutions for your pergola needs. If you are looking for a specific pergola for your house in Malaga, you can choose for example a pergola with screens. Those pergola screens give you a little bit more privacy. Besides, due to a pergola screen, you can use your pergola during all seasons. In Malaga, they weather can change day by day. We have cold winters and very hot summers. That’s why pergola screens are very useful for our climate in Malaga.


If you are looking for a pergola with glass doors in Malaga, you are at the right place! Those doors are flexible for sliding and transparent. If you add glass doors to your pergola, you will be saved from wind and rain. This will make it possible to stay outside during cold winters.

Create your pergola plan with us!

If you are looking for a pergola in Malaga, TipTopShade will help you designing your own pergola plan. We offer you a huge product portfolio. We only work with the finest European Pergola Brands. One of the most demanded Pergolas in Malaga are the pergolas from Brustor. Brustor pergolas are the best you can get over the world. The pergolas of Brustor consist clever framework which allows easy & screwless integration of all future add-ons, such as screens, glass doors, roof & other extensions.