Royal Botania refers to the natural beauty of botanic gardens, a nod to the ‘royal class’ outdoor furniture they create.


Thanks to their many years of expertise, Royal Botania’s furniture stands for quality and luxury design. The company is a front runner in teak, a gorgeous wood which is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.


Royal Botania furniture is not only available in teak, but aluminium and stainless steel are also examples of the sustainable materials they use. With all the Royal Botania furniture being reusable, the company attaches great importance to the environment.

Royal Botania Ninix

Key Features:

 choice between stainless steel and a coated aluminium frame

 Ninix offers 4 colours of batyline bases

Ninix provides an ergonomic design


Budget Indication:


Royal Botania Ixit 

Key Features:

harvested mature teakwood

fabric cushions with resistance to UV

Ixit provides an ergonomic design

Budget Indication:

Why choose Royal Botania? 


  • Royal Botania offers a wide span of materials and styles
  • The furniture is nearly 100% recyclable
  • By choosing Royal Botania, you are choosing quality and design

Royal Botania O-Zon

Key Features:

inspired by the sun

 clever design: tables with a choice of glass, teak and ceramic table tops


Budget Indication:

"Acoola made my patio look outstanding. Every day we dine at our Ixit table and it has been such pleasure having those intimate moments with family and friends. Thank you Acoola!"

Tom Chapman 


Royal Botania Abondo

Key Features:

synthetic fibre: woven fibre 

 Abondo provides an ergonomic design

 aluminium frame


Budget Indication:

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