Shade sail 3d designs

It is sometimes difficult to visualise exactly how your purchase will look against the backdrop of a building or garden. Shade Sail Marbella is happy to provide an obligation free measure and quote for our customers, which includes a drawing of the design. This case study will help you understand how a finalized project is going to look and will tell us where we plan our connection points.

A good way visualising the project is by creating a number of 3D visuals showcasing the newly designed shade sail project.

For bigger projects it is invaluable to be able to fully visualise the end product and fully appreciate the proposed concept with a 3D representation of the design. For this we normally use Sketchup Pro. ACOOLA IS pleased to be able to offer clients our premium 3D visualisation service. For a nominal fee, our designers will create a visual representation of the canopy design with surrounding details taken from a measured survey together with samples and photographic information of the used materials.

You are then able to review and contemplate the design proposal at your leisure giving you valuable insight into the finished project. Also it will give an impression of at what time of day you will have shade on which part of your terrace. ACOOLA can produce conceptual and rendered 3D models to assist in the design and evaluation process.