The difference between aluminum pergola and wood pergola

Pergolas provide shade in your backyard, there is no doubt about that. Both a wood pergola and a pergola of aluminum provides an extra living space in your backyard or in other residential places. Choosing which option is best for you depends on personal preference and benefits of the materials of pergolas. Read this article to know more about aluminum pergolas and pergolas of wood.



Pergola roof

Every pergola provide shade in your backyard, but not all of the pergolas have adjustable louvers that allow you to open up to the sun whenever you want. Aluminum pergolas give you the possibility to add a roof to your pergola of louvers, where wooden pergolas are more static and not adaptable. For more information, please check our pergolas in Marbella en pergolas in Malaga.


Design options

Aluminum pergolas can remain in their metallic finish. Even, the aluminum pergolas of Brustor can be treated to give them a faux wood look. Wooden pergolas have a natural look. It will blends in with the style of your garden. You have multiple options for which wood you prefer. This means you can choose for the color and richness you prefer. Besides, you can cut the lumber to any size or design specifications desired. If you chose for prefabricated aluminum pergola kits, you don’t have the freedom to create your custom pergola. In that case, you should get in contact with a shade partner such as We could design and install your personal pergola plan with you!




If we look at the maintenance of wooden pergolas and aluminum pergolas, you definitely have to go for aluminum. They rarely require maintenance once they are installed properly. The nonporous surface withstands weathering so they don’t require repainting. Wooden pergolas weathers with age, so it may require painting, staining or sealing every couple of years. In the Costa del Sol, we have to deal with high temperature changes. Wooden pergolas can warp or crack from temperature changes, settling and weathering. This could mean you have to replace the frame of your pergola and that’s not a small investment of time and money.


Cost comparison

Wood pergolas are normally less expensive in terms of materials. Aluminum pergolas have a higher material cost, but lower labor cost. In our previous argument about the difference between aluminum and wooden pergolas, you could read the big difference in maintenance. If you look at the costs of the maintenance (such as replacing or your frame, painting, etc) for long term you should go for an aluminum pergola.