What are the Costs of Shade sail installation?


For us this question is similar to: what is the price of a car? Well it depends.., do you want a brand new Jaguar, Smart or 20 year old Land Rover…?

Like with cars, with shade sails the sky is the limit. Due to the fact that there are so many different types and sizes of shade sails, the price of the project and installation is hard to say. Besides, the way of installing the shade sails are also affecting the price of your shade sail, even as the location of the installation. We can choose from different kind of fabrics and different kind of qualities and different kind of supports and poles. (Stainless steel, timber or painted steel)


Price of the Shade sail

But roughly we can say that Purpose made shade sails start around the € 80,-/ m2.  You will find differences in fabric of the shades, the webbing and the seams. Very often Acoola uses cable or cord in the seams to make the sails stronger and more stable in the wind. That is why we have to listen to the clients’ wishes and try to understand at what time of day you need shade.


Price of installation of your sun shade sail

The installation of a shade sail is a lot harder than it seems. Most of the time, a customer doesn’t actually know what they are getting or what the supplier is basing his engineering on. A few questions that a shade sail specialist has to ask himself during the installation are:


  • Are the post diameters and thicknesses correct?
  • Are the roof masts braced correctly?
  • Are the footing large enough?

The quality of the shade sail isn’t the only thing that makes your prices to what it actually is. If you have special demands, for example you want shade on a specific time of the day during the summer on a specific place, the installer has to build the structure around your demands.