Shade sail tips and tricks

Shade sail tips and tricks

If designing a shade sail project in our experience we find that the more difference there is in the heights of the posts, the more dramatic the final design will be. In this article you can find tips and tricks for your perfect shade sails. Just let us know if you have any other shade sail tips so we can add them to our article!

Shade sail tip 1: plan your installation

Before we start making the design, you have to check with your local building Dept, because some installations require a building permit. Before you commence installation, it is very important to consider the most suitable location for your shade sails. It would not be uncommon to have posts up to 14’ high in a backyard. Allowing them to lean backwards 5 or 10 degrees gives the ´nautical´ feeling.

Shade sail tip 2: Different colors

Using 2 or more different color shade sails is very popular and gives depth in the design. You can also choose for the option to overlap 2 or more shade sails at some point. This effect makes the look even more dramatic! This can be done to blend in with the landscape or contrast with it depending on your style. We have pictures available of projects in Spain where we used 2 or more different color sails. You can look for it on our website or ask us about them: it might help you with your design.

Shade sail tip 3: Install properly

There are shade sails in different sizes. Some of them are small enough that you can install them on your own, but most common you will need help from professional shade sail installers. It is to ensure that your shade sails are installed properly and securely in order to avoid any mishaps from happening. If the installation of your shade sails is not correct, you take the risk of a lot of problems, such as damaging the shade itself and the structure it is connected to. To ensure the safety of your colleagues, guests or family make sure you install the shade sails system properly.

Shade sail tip 4: Be sure of the UV protection

There is a difference between good shade sails and bad shade sails.. One of the important things and benefits of an outdoor shade sail is that they provide a high level of shade. However, there are shade sails that hasn’t the correct quality you need to be protected for UV. A good shade sail provide a high level of shade and as much as 98% UV protection. The sun shade sails of are from the best quality you can imagine in and around of Marbella. We are working closely with our premium shade partners.


With our tips we hope we could inspire you to get more out of your shade sails. With our diverse Solutions & many References we love to inspire & help you realizing your own unique Shade Plan.