Sun Sails

sun sails for the shade in marbella

Sun sails can instantly bring cool shade to any outdoor area. A sun sail offers shade options for patios, playgrounds, parks or commercial spaces. Al of our shade sails are constructed of superior and reinforced UV-protected sun shade fabric. The sun sails of​​​​​​​ are stylish and available in various forms, like rectangle sun sails, triangle sun sails and square sun sails.


Why should I buy a sun sail?

Sun shade sails are a very functional way to protect and shade your outdoor living areas. They effectively reduce heat, because they provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV radiation. For instance, if you want to reduce heat on your large balcony or roof gardens, our ultimate luxury shadesails are your solution! These high quality sails will give the perfect finishing touch to your home, restaurant, bar or showroom.




Sun sails are both functional and architecture

Sun sails are both functionally and architecture. For example, our very luxury SunSquare shade sail system offers a motorized shade system that is measured to every single client requirements. This leads to a very high customer satisfaction. With our advanced sun sail systems, shaded areas from 30 – 70 m² are very common amongst our clientele.


Sun sails for your patio

If you are specifically looking for a sun sail for your patio, you can find more information about it on another part of our website. We provide luxury SunSquare shade sail systems for patio shade in your outdoor area. If you are looking for an architectural addition, our sun sails of SunSquare are your solution!