Sunsquare shade sails

The luxury automatic shade systems of SunSquare ® are ideal for large balconies, roof gardens, pool areas and terraces. This superior SunSquare ® system is a fully automatic retractable shade sail. If the wind speed exceeds 40 km/h. the shade sail automatically retracts. This SunSquare ® system is the Rolls Royce under the shade sails.​

These high-end shade sails are for the biggest part hand-made of marine grade stainless steel and can easily be adapted to any setting. These high quality sails will give the perfect finishing touch to your home, restaurant, bar, hotel or villa and offer total protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

These SunSquare® sun, shade and rain sails are developed for terraces, roof terraces, pool sides and gardens.

Custom-made in Austria, the SunSquare System® offers the highest levels of protection from the harmful rays of the sun and is 100% weatherproof from rain and high winds.  Indeed, if winds reach over 40 km/h, the sail automatically retracts. It will furl around the central shaft which is powered by an electric motor.



The motor is integrated in the central shaft. At the other side of this shaft you will find the ‘spring side’. Together de motor and spring will adapt to various wind speeds. This patented system also absorbs sudden wind gusts. Like a bicycle or car, this shade system is always in movement.
With a remote control you can open, close the sail completely or halfway.

But maybe more important is that the designer of this system, Mr Gerard Wurz developed this shade system as an architectural addition to buildings. The aesthetics of areas, buildings and villas, are getting just that finishing touch.

Architectural addition

Because SunSquare® is an architectural addition, we will show you with a three-dimensional simulation how the shade sail is going to look. Within technical limits, you can even give input in the final design.

Of course we will offer a wide range of colours, but next to that will SunSquare ® work with several fabrics. We can use the rain sail from Sattler, or we have to choose from several p.v.c. based fabrics. New are our Radial Sunworker sails which will give a more nautical feeling to your design.

Hand made in Austria

A SunSquare® sail is not just any sail. We like to speak about the SunSquare system. Each one is hand-made by craftsmen using only the best quality fabric and highest grade materials for its technical components.
These superior quality luxury awnings are ideal for large balconies, (roof) terraces, pool areas or to protect your car.

SunSquare an architectural design feature​

Each SunSquare® sail is adapted to the structural surroundings and needs of the customer and, in turn, becomes an architectural design feature.  Whether for an historical parador, Spanish style building or a contemporary building, SunSquare® shade sails can enhance the environment by adding the Mediterranean flair or a classical style; they can convey spaciousness, a feeling of intimacy or create depth and airiness..

With SunSquare ® system we can service clients from Nerja to Cádiz, including inland Andalucía, Marbella, Granada, Ibiza, Menorca and Madrid.