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ACOOLA is the biggest shade sail company on the Spanish coast and has been providing fixed tensioned shade-sail and –structure advice and solutions since 2007.




Different fabrics for distinctive shade sail projects

Our residential, commercial and government clients in Spain can be assured of professional attention and first class results. With the fabrics Synthesis ® - Soltis ® and Sunbrella ® ACOOLA installed hundreds of successful shade projects and has happy clients to its credit.


Experienced design team

Our experienced design team can create aesthetically pleasing and practical custom-made shade sails or shade structures to suit your needs, based on our extensive hands-on experience.

As an experienced shade sail installer we are specialist in shade sails and shade solutions. ACOOLA delivers and installs a wide range of shade sails or pergolas in Marbella of the best quality on the market. Most of our installations you will find in Spain but now and then we do installations in other parts of Europe.
One of our responsibilities is to carry out regular shade sail and structure safety checks and remedial work for schools, kindergartens and public areas. Our experienced installation team can create aesthetically pleasing and practical custom-made shade sails or shade structures to suit your needs this based on our extensive experience in Spain. Each shade sail project and customer is different, we respect that fact and the clients considerable input is required before we offer a written quotation.


Synthesis fabric

The Synthesis material has been installed and developed in Australia for over 15 years and ACOOLA have become one of the market leaders for sun shades and sun protection in Spain over the last 7 years and now due to increased demand for our services we install Shade Sails in Spain and other places in Europe. At this moment we are serving Spain, from Calpe Alicante and Marbella Costa del Sol.

What is a shade sail ?

The typical shade sail style may be known as a triangular shaped sail. But there are also ones that come in squares and rectangles and as a matter of fact we can make them in almost any shape you can think of.
Shade sails are available in different fabrics and fabric weights. The most commonly used fabric from companies such as ACOOLA is a high density polyethylene material that is very durable and resistant to moisture, mildew, and rot. ACOOLA, uses only the best available commercial grade specified shade fabrics, top quality (316) stainless steel, galvanised steel and appropriate stainless steel fittings.  We have the ability to deliver excellent quality, at very competitive prices.

Only ACOOLA feature Commercial Grade high-density polyethylene knitted fabric specially designed to breathe - to keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather. This state of the art material block up to 90% of the sun harmful UV rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes.
And because Synthesis ® fabric is knitted, not woven, it won't tear or fray.

Our custom shade sails will use stainless steel D-rings in the corners and will have reinforced edges.
Next to that has the perimeter of a Synthesis ®shade sail a stainless steel cable inserted in the hem. This same perimeter of each sail is designed with a gentle centenary curve inwards towards the centre of the sail to control the fabric tension.


Where can you use shade sails?

Sun or shade sails can be used in a number of residential, commercial and industrial applications. You will find them at school playgrounds, kindergartens, near hotels and government buildings. Many recreational areas benefit of shade sails, like golf clubs, sport courts and beach clubs. Sometimes Yachts and large ships make use of shade sails as well. For example the yacht of Mr Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) the Tatoosh, has shade sails mounted. But most common is that you will find them on terraces and in the backyards. They are a wonderful shade solution near pools and Jacuzzi’s and they will protect your car and children from the harmful rays of the sun. If it is in your garden or on your roof terrace or patio, shade sails will adapt as a chameleon. Outdoor shade sails or sun sails can transform your backyard into a personal retreat or create a stunning outdoor resort area for your premises whilst offering the best protection from the sun.


How to choose ?

You can choose from an enormous range of shade sail designs from basic to custom. Our design team has many years of experience in the industry to help you with the best design and fabrics for your area.
The first step is to arrange a suitable time to visit and measure your shade area or review your planned designs. Important is to decide where shade is wanted and at what time of day. Then we measure the sides and diagonals of this whole area. Now we can give you an estimation of prices.
In determining the location for your shade sail it is important to keep in mind the fact that the sun is constantly moving across the sky from east to west, which means that the shade moves with the position of the sun. You will only have shade directly under the shade sail at midday during mid-summer. A nice app to download on your smart phone is Sun Surveyor. It helps you to understand where the sun will stand at what time of day.


Ready-made sails

A common error is to think a Ready Made Shade Sail is easy to install yourselves; you will get it home and find it will not match up with available fixing points. Shade sail specialist’s normally first work out the fixing points and measure from these to design their final sail size.
We can advise you with the shade sail design, construction requirements and any restrictions. After some days in our office, we can present you a design. The design will consider architecture, engineering matters, and areas where you want to have your shade.
Professional installation, competitive trade prices and a 2 year warranty on the complete project are included in the quoted price.


Hilti ® HIT chemical fixtures

We offer a range of shade sail fabrics. These are of professional quality and are easily attached to any building, using HILTI chemical fixtures to the building and also posts where necessary. Whether it is a sun shelter, a shade canopy, or an elegant tension structure you require, we have the skill and the know how to produce spectacular projects.
We will design and install a shade sail for your terrace, garden, carport or pool area. Our shade sail fabrics are made from premium grade materials, which are designed for use under tension and carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Installations know how’s

When very lucky we can mount a shade sail between existing walls. But in most projects we need to add a pole to support the sails. A shade sail supported by posts is essentially a small construction project. We need to dig holes, posts have to be sourced and concreted in. Several site visits are needed to secure accurate measurements throughout the project..

When properly tensioned, shade sail fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind. We aim sails to be tensioned between 300& 450kg, depending on size and location.  Accordingly anchor points require careful selection and installation.  Sails that are not properly tensioned end up holding water, hanging limp and becoming unstable in heavy winds. Sails work best when they are under enough tension to give curvature, are not on a level plane and are 'twisted' for stability.


Hypar shape

To ensure the shade sail is stable in winds it must have some curvature and not be on one level plane. The most common method is to have each pair of diagonally opposite corners at significantly different heights. The ´hypar´ shaped sail is very common.
Finally we ensure that all proposed fixing points are strong enough to bear the stresses of a sail under strong wind conditions. Proposed fixing points like walls or roofs are sometimes too weak to withstand the load of a sail under wind pressure. Shade Sail Marbella will work with chemical mountings of HILTI to assure the safety.

A shade sail project will work best when it is:
1. 'twisted' for stability
2. Not on a level plane
3. Mounted under enough tension to give curvature

Tensioned Sails can be mounted in a variety of ways: Horizontally (flat) all corners at the same height, some corners high and some low (like a "Hypar" Design), or vertically for privacy purposes. A flat sail can be boring to look at; vertically will catch wind more and produce heavier forces on fixing points. The sails look better when their elevations change drastically from corner to corner and more different sails will look better than just one.
At our first visit, we will ask you to check with local authorities or your communidad for any relevant building regulations which may exist and with the local utility companies for any underground services prior to digging holes for posts. Normally there shouldn´t be a problem on the Costa del Sol.


Selecting the position

Before the commence installation it is very important that we consider the most suitable location for your shade sails taking into account the area where shade is needed, location of barbecues, the view. We will study the height and direction of the sun at the moments you would like to enjoy your outdoor area.


Posts and foundations

On each side of the sail you should allow a space between the corner of the shade sail and the mounting point that is at least 10% of the shade sail length. This space we will need for our mounting hardware, material stretch, and fixing points.  This should be considered for each side of the shade sail to ensure there is adequate room to tension the shade sail.
For the posts we can use stainless steel, timber, painted and galvanised steel. Stainless steel and galvanised steel will avoid rust and is a better solution for fixing shade to than wood. Wooden posts can warp the sail out of alignment and can rot over time and lose his strength. Then again timber posts can be more aesthetically pleasing in some environments.

The posts may not move in its foundations, as it is under strain. If posts are moving during installation it will be extremely difficult to tension the sail properly at a later stage. Normally 1/3 of the post will be in the concrete footing, and 2/3 will be visible. But it depends very much on the type of soil.

Our experienced engineers will ensure all fixing points are structurally sound. Also in case of poor weather conditions, the sail must be save enough to stand the heavy wind and the weight of the water falling down from the Spanish sky.


What is the price of a shade sail?

We can divide shade sails in ´pre-made´ and ´purpose made´ sails.

The pre-made sails come in standard sizes like for example, 3.6 and 5.0 meters. Standard shapes are triangles and squares.
Depending on where these sails were produced prices will vary between € 50, - and € 300,-
Normally the cheaper ones are produced in China and will show sagging in several weeks.
The ones a little higher in price are more likely produced in Australia and are just fine to use at smaller projects.

Purpose made sails start around the € 80,-/ m2.  You will find differents in fabric, webbing and seams. Very often we use cable or cord in the seams to make the sails stronger and more stable in the wind.

With just sails we are not there yet. We need attachments points. If we can use walls to attach the sail we are lucky. Just a stainless steel eyebolt will do. If poles need to placed, of course it will have an influence on the price of the total project. Please ask us to make a quotation for you.